About Jared

Jared C. Brossett has dedicated over 15 years of service to city of New Orleans, working as a staff member for the City Council, Louisiana State Representative, and currently as a City Council member. His commitment to making New Orleans a better place is evident in his legislation, community service, and devotion to public service. With the help of the residents of New Orleans, Jared has prioritized legislation that makes critical investments in public safety, economic development and equality, affordable housing, quality of life improvements, blight eradication, transportation, infrastructure, and ethics reform. He has worked tirelessly to improve the efficiency, effectiveness, and modernization of City Hall. These investments are improving access to economic opportunity, increasing accountability in City Hall, and building a stronger New Orleans.


New Orleans Born Community Leader

Born, raised, and educated in New Orleans

Proud graduate of McDonogh 35 Senior High School, Xavier University, and the Harvard Kennedy School Senior Executives Program

Former intern, Legislative Aide, and Chief of Staff for council District D office

Fought for demolition and redevelopment of the former blighted Lake Terrace Shopping Center

Approved the demolition of the former Nora Navra Library, which will be replaced with a new $3.3 million, 7,800 square foot library

Approved additional funding to renovate, open, and staff NORDC facilities, such as the St. Bernard Rec Center, Milne Rec Center, Hardin Park, and Hunter’s Field

Approved the construction of a new state-of-the-art elementary school, Ray Abrams Elementary School, in New Orleans East

Co-authored the Equal Pay for Women Act

Accomplished Legislator

The only Council member who twice voted against legalizing short-term rentals to protect the character of New Orleans.

Fought for the working class by authoring a parking citation law that raised the threshold before the City can boot or immobilize a vehicle due to unpaid parking citations

Successfully authored and passed the first living wage law in the history of the City of New Orleans. Now, there are a clear set of regulations in place to address the economic inequality and poverty faced by many residents

Leveled playing field for attaining employment by creating the Equal Access to Employment Act, which makes it unlawful for City contractors to seek or use the credit history of current or prospective employees

Commissioned an affordable housing study and required the use of affordable housing impact statements, a tool employed to assess how proposed developments and legislation will impact the availability and affordability of housing

Strengthened the Disadvantaged Business Enterprise (DBE) Program by requiring all City departments to submit an annual report to the City Council identifying their DBE attainment rates for the prior two years

Called for an election to amend the Home Rule Charter, which was overwhelming approved by voters, to improve the operations of the City’s ethics entities by separating the Office of the Inspector General and Independent Police Monitor

Increased funding to adequately staff the 911 call center and implemented a 25% pay raise for all NOPD officers to improve retention and recruitment rates

Secured a $7 million budget allocation to phase-in a pay raise for Orleans Parish Sherriff Deputies

Created the Equal Access to Employment Act

Skilled Administrator and Advocate

Current Chair of the City Council Budget, Audit, and Board of Review Committee, working to build public confidence in the administration of taxpayer dollars

Member of Governor John Bel Edward’s Task Force on Transportation and Infrastructure Investment, working to solve a nearly $14M backlog in critical statewide infrastructure projects

Chaired the City Council Transportation and Airport Committee Chair, leading the Louis Armstrong International Airport to unprecedented success and growth, witnessing the groundbreaking of the new North Terminal and a record-breaking 11 million total passengers in 2016

Former Appropriations Committee Member and Chairman of Select Hurricane Recovery Committee as a State Representative, spearheading inquiries into corruption and mismanagement of State-run Katrina Recovery programs

Co-authored the Equal Pay for Women Act, increased the severity of penalties for home invaders with deadly weapons, and improved our state's mental health programs

Made it possible for property owners in Orleans Parish to permanently register for a homestead exemption

Expanded the educational capacity of New Orleans Center for Creative Arts (NOCCA), making NOCCA a full time high school

Advocated and budgeted for a disparity study to obtain data necessary in the fight to reduce economic inequality.

Helped secure the historic $2.4 billion FEMA settlement for the Capital Improvement Program, an unprecedented program to rebuild our damaged streets and subsurface infrastructure

Advocated for and helped the City of New Orleans receive a $141.3 million grant from HUD for the Gentilly Resilience District for stormwater management

Spearheaded the adopted new FEMA flood insurance maps that reflect substantial post-Katrina improvements. These maps have lowered the flood insurance premiums for thousands and mark a victory for the region that Jared has been fighting for since his time as a state legislator


recognized public servant

Awards recieved:

A Friend of New Hope Baptist Hope Church Award

20/20 Bipartisan Justice Award

Louis A. Martinet Legal Society's Earl J. Amedee Award for Public Service

Citizens for New Orleans Legislative Leadership Award

The Greater New Orleans Fair Housing Action Center’s 2015 Mondale-Brooke Award for Fair Housing Leadership and Civic Participation

2016 Spirt of Collaboration Award